How to Recover SQL Server Database

MS SQL Server is a powerful and the most secure database management system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It has several added features over other DBMS like DB2, Sybase etc. It provides an extended stability and reliability of the data. Though, it is more trusted than other DBMS, but sometimes it can also fail. The data stored on it can also get damaged or lost.

SQL Server databases store many important business critical data of the organization, losing which may cost huge financial loss. Apart from storing static business information, SQL databases are also used in the back-end of many on-line applications. As the on-line applications store data onto the SQL database and fetch data from it, if the database encounters any problem, these applications also cease to function. If your SQL Server database has got corrupt and you are trying to access any table from it, it will definitely flash some error message on the screen. One such common error message is as below:

“Warning: Page P_ID, slot S_ID in Object O_ID Index I_ID Column COLUMN_NAME value COLUMN_VALUE is out of range for data type "DATATYPE". Update column to a legal value.”

The most common and widely suggested solution for the above problem is to run the 'DBCC CHECKDB' command on the troubled SQL Server database. These commands are meant to repair the corrupt or damaged SQL database and help in regaining the access to the data in it. But, 'DBCC CHECKDB' utility has certain limitations and in case of severe corruption to the database, it fails to respond. In such corruption situations, you need to look into your backup server for a valid backup of your SQL database so that you can restore data from it.

But, if there is no recent backup available or you encounter any irresolvable problem, while restoring, you can still recover your precious data in the SQL database with the help of this SQL Server Recovery software. This SQL repair tool is as reliable as the inbuilt utilities and recover your data in their original format. Moreover, these SQL recovery software come with highly interactive graphical user interfaces, which provide an easy means of SQL database recovery.

Why Should Use This SQL Recovery Software

SQL Server Recovery software uses safe mechanisms to repair your database and restore all the lost or inaccessible objects, such as tables, views, indexes, keys, constraints, triggers, and user-defined functions. Moreover, it is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server versions 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 and 2000

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